July 24, 2014
3 am

"If it isn’t too much to ask, I’d like to try again. I’ve always thought love in life breaks you before you actually bend. You know, it has the tendency to shatter you into pieces and force you into certain situations you never thought you’d find yourself in, then you kind of just learn and pick up your pieces and put them back together, and you kind of just…bend. You change, and you evolve, after all the grueling process of breaking - because life is tough, but it works out.

You get up and go and you let it break you, until you learn to not be broken anymore. All is difficult, but doable - and sometimes, on rainy days or slow afternoons, awkward meetings or good byes that don’t make sense, doable is enough to keep you afloat.

Play on, playa.”

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July 23, 2014

Start a fire
And make it burn bright
Hold my hand
Baby we could take flight

Let it go
The past has no more to show
Youre all that I want
Wont you let love grow

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July 17, 2014
The Rabbit Hole

You bathed me under

your darkest waters

and I sank in deep

without misgiving


It thickened


no space

or fill

could pull me back

from where your 

dusk found my dawn

and ne’er could run

no queen

nor pawn


Faint is thy light

hazed is minest sight

and yet again my seoul*

fell frightfully for

what might

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July 15, 2014
Yes, This One is For You

The wind pierced violently

beyond our window

And I wondered how easily it was

for you to walk away

when I couldn’t






Not a pause nor a break

not even a deep swallow of


or sword

inside your



not a thing

it was as if

you were just




for my cue




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July 12, 2014
30 Seconds To Hours

Her soul was terrifyingly wretched, her pasts clumsily spill into futures; she did not put names into faces well, she was not coy, she did not spend time on things she unapologetically lacked.

She was a troubled little thing that redundantly fell in love, and as much of this world’s falling go, she did so clumsily.


he did not mind,

and so,

it did not matter.

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